Fallon Mayanja

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Sound artist and performer.
Fallon explores new ways of listening, with the aim of cultivating alternative understandings and perceptions of self, others and environments.

Disrupting conventional approaches within immersive sonic explorations, and manifesting the relationship between fictional existences and cultural experiences, the work tap into voices, rhythms, sonic cosmologies, and vibrations of multiple worlds. Through narratives that have survived Chaos, the artist constructs poetical club landscapes and support systems of black diasporic experience.

Mostly using electronics and technology as tools to share, feel and listen, the artistic production leads to an analyze of the audible and the inaudible, the unspoken and the unspeakable and to the sensible and the sensitive inside and outside sound. Fallon’s work lays on interstices and connections to understand the place of voices, the role of silence, the activation of sounds, both an exploration of senses and narratives.

Member of the Black(s) to the Future collective.