Fallon Mayanja

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Composer, artist and performer.

Graduated from the Post-Diploma in Sound Arts at the Beaux-Arts of Lisbon and the master's degree at INA GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales), Fallon Mayanja explores alternatives of perception.

Building listening environments is the primary gesture that defines Fallon's practice and research. With a broad understanding of listening that encompasses the porosity of touch, the tangibility of sound and intangibility of sight, Fallon mobilizes different relationships with our environment and social, inter-relational, and self-reflexive ideas.

From narratives that navigates through Chaos, the artist constructs poetical landscapes and support systems of queer - black diasporic experience. Disrupting conventional approaches within immersive sonic explorations, and manifesting the relationship between fictional existences and cultural experiences, the listening zone temporarily deviates from common sense by carving out a sound space as a “committed act of relationship, of interaction, within its ecosystem”. Reconfiguring the hierarchies of meaning and feeling, the work opens and announces a collective space of affection, f(r)iction and perception.

Member of the Black(s) to the Future collective.