Les performances cherche à amplifier et partager ce qui peut être considéré comme in.dicible,, et/ou in.visible.
À proposer d’autres états d’être, de nouvelles relations à déployer.
À créer et à ouvrir des mondes interstitiels qui ne cesseront
de se démultiplier.

The performances seek to amplify and share what can be considered un.speakable,, and/or in.visible.
To propose altered states of being, new relationships to build. To create and to open interstitial worlds that will never stop multipliying.

  • 2022

The Frozen Lakes

Le Futur est Présent

Pièce en cours d’écriture.

Dans le cadre du projet “La vie bonne” du CNAP et d’AWARE.

« Le Futur est Présent » est une création sonore réalisée à l’aide d'archives numériques, de machines électroniques et de voix numériques, souhaitant activer - par le son - de nouvelles pratiques quotidiennes.

L'oeuvre utilise l'amplification et la transformation comme dispositifs d’activations sensorielles et narratives permettant des zones de contact entre le corps vibrant et le lieu commun, ainsi la création de formes alternatives de communication.

L'électronique devient le terrain de l'émergence d'alliances mondiales créant des cyberinstercices de connaissance, de politisation et de défense, ainsi donc un outil de mutation.

  • 2021


The performance is inspired by Julius Eastman's original  composition "The Holy Presence Of Joan D'Arc" which the artist
 puts in conversation with decolonial ecology thoughts and actions.

 This performance is at the crossroads of fictional speculation and social experience.It offers an interstice of possibilities for other worlds to come. This interstice unfolds through sound, between poetics, political vocal archives and electronic music. From this   dialogue between the digital and the human are born ideas, thoughts, and emotions to create a new place of existence.


As an extension of Sara Ahmed's work on queerness, the piece is a space for dialogue and a space of expression for more realities to be illuminated in this journey of love.

What does it mean to protest if you can't get out of a designated area? We will regain access to the whole city, our bodies in the image of our protest shoud and will exist in any space and time. Taking back power, marching, fighting for recognition.



Taking place in electro-organic interstice for transcendent utopias of the present ; This performance lays on rewritings of Julius Eastman compositions “feminine” put in dialogue with propositions from Legacy Russell book “Glitch Feminism manifesto”.

An explicit politic that places the performance in an ever more elusive interstice of perception and representation. Showing up at borders, it works on an exploration of political sounds and bodily languages. This resistance to both predetermined categories and imposition provides the framework for an incredibly generative practice. A radical attempt to articulate a feminism worthy of the 21st century.

  • 2019

The performance works with the sound piece Black is Everything Beyond The Sun.

As a number of voices begin to speak out and sing, an undefined form ascends the empty pedestal. The voices direct the form and together, they try take shape. The form slowly becomes a monument, dedicated to recovered sounds and speeches.
The moving entity offers a bodily response to thes  voices, a new space of resistance and narration. A new place of existence.


BLack Narratives

Composing Alternatives                    


Art as political as poetical.

How can the Black Diaspora create and share their own narratives? How can the past be imagined and the future be remembered? The work seeks an artistic practice that resists racialized representational logic, blending video, poetry, music, and performance to create poetic narratives of Black histories, experiences, culture, and anti-racism. In the endless archives of the Internet, we collect activist and political speeches, song, film clips, and video snippets and weave them into new narratives and poetics of Black presence in Europe. In the multiplicity and interstices between artistic and media expressions, spaces emerge that in their processuality represent subaltern forms of knowledge and strategies of social transformation.

  • 2018

By defending the idea of plurality and multiplicity of identities, the performance tries to shift the vision of the real and the conceivable of bodies. Addressing the notions of identity and sharing the voice of others, the performance brings new potentialities of representations, transmissions and listening situation. Far from a linear vision of time, the body seeks materiality and its tangible presence through sound.


The performance is an ode.
 Between slam and hymn we sing with lost souls in new digital waters. It reveals, through poetry and fiction our screaming resistance. The old, the new. The deeper layers of our pasts and unfinished presents. It points to the changes shaped by our in.visible others, the  foundations on which our future holds.


Alter & Mézigue is a play written for four readers, four voices, four interchangeable identities. The text started from the postulate that words are corpses or shells and
that they take shape, life and meaning through the voices that carry them.

  • 2017

Reading evening with Black(s) to the future. Having been made as part of the writing workshop at Shakirail by Josèfa Ntjam and Sean Hart, intended for teenagers in the neighborhood (75019 Paris).