« It’s not just about sound or music, it’s about the society, the gathering »

From “Teaching To Transgress Toolbox” 

Teaching To Transgress Toolbox is a transnational project bringing together three European art schools, HDK / Valand in Gothenburg, ISBA in Besançon and erg in Brussels. The research and study program focuses on critical, feminist, intersectional pedagogies and using artistic tools based on mutual learning and collective research practices.

In an attempt to respond to these threats to educational diversity and inclusion, we identify the urgent need to respond to these political and social issues. Intersectionality asserts that oppressions (based on racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.) are interconnected and cannot be considered in isolation from each other. Critical intersectional feminist pedagogies have now proven to provide valuable conceptual and practical tools for focusing on inclusion. This is especially true in the field of art, where teaching is known to be open to the design and application of new critical frameworks, analytical tools and creative practices.


Black (s) to the Future

Black (s) to the Future is an experimental and artistic research collective, initiated in 2015 by Mawena Yehouessi (alias M.Y). Bringing together artists, writers, researchers and activists with hybrid influences: B (S) TTF works for an alternative, sustainable and uninhibited vision of the world and its Afro dimensions. Both medium and media: its blackstothefuture.com site, its radio station on R22 Tout-Monde or its festival (@ Petit Bain, Paris) act as creative spaces for the exploration of singularity (s) and prospective. Considering Afrofuturism as an aesthetic tool but above all a philosophical and political emancipator, B (S) TTF evolves according to encounters, opportunities, intuitions, interferences. Thus, the formats, devices and situations that we imagine are above all manifestos of the links that weave us in a constellation of affects.

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