« It’s not just about sound or music, it’s about the society, the gathering »


The platform project was built to centralize basic knowledge on discourses regarding activism, decolonisation, capitalism, feminism and queerness.
By holding audio-visual data for knowledge and methodologies the platform stores links as podcasts, radio, recordings of discussions, seminars,
conferences, interviews and other archives on various subjects.
A growing cyberspace to gather archives of activism.

Please e-mail me if you have more links to add


Labaz is a free musical composition application. Created with max msp (a programming language for music and multimedia) it has a kick drum, an effect panel
for the microphone (feedback, delay, voice transformer) and a recorder.
I wanted to create a free program which group what electronic machines and paid software allow. The program requires only a computer after reception of
the file. The objective is to give access to
musicians, singers, composers... of all around the world an easy and free tool
for a music production uniting voice and beat.

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