Techno Poetics

How can we reappropriate technical potential and highlight the happier and more emancipatory imaginations which, from yesterday to today, shape different worlds?

Fallon Mayanja proposes a work in the light of cyberfeminist theories - at the crossroads of questions of race, class and sexuality. Taking place in electro-organic interstice for transcendent utopias of the present ; This resistance to both predetermined categories and imposition provides the framework for an incredibly generative practice. How does the apprehension of certain people by a socially dominant external gaze influence ways of being in the world? What impact does this process induce on a daily basis on the modalities of representation/expression of identity(ies)? The artist starts from these questions to sketch new modes of perception and listening practices. The intertwining of sound and visual materials attempts to go beyond the conditioning of the living and perceiving being. The performance thus embraces the political dimension of the glitch by blurring the predetermined categories. A radical attempt to articulate a feminism worthy of the 21st century.

45’ performance including 1 to 2 dancer.s - (Speech / Electronic live music / Dance)

©Nicolas Pirus